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Open Your Demat Account

Dematerialisation is the process of conversion of shares from physical form to the electronic mode. Our dedicated demat team enable you to convert your physical holdings in shares/ Debentures/ Bonds/ G-secs into electronic mode in a quick and hassle-free manner.

Submit Demat Request Form

Once your demat account is opened with us and you have received your client account number, you can start dematerialising your shares. You can submit the shares over the counter at any of our branches. Kindly go through the tips given on filling up the DRF to avoid rejection.

Your shares are dematerialised

When the company gives you credit, these shares will reflect under "free" column. Now you can sell these shares. In case the company is not satisfied with the details furnished, it will reject the shares.

If your shares have been rejected by the company, StockHolding will forward the shares to you on receiving them from the company.


You can get the securities dematerialised in the same account if the names appearing on the certificates match with the names in the demat account but are in different order. This can be done by submitting the certificates along with the Transposition Form and the Dematerialisation Request Form ( DRF).

Transmission and dematerialisation

In case of death of one or more of the joint holders, the surviving holder(s) can get the name(s) of the deceased deleted from the security certificate and get the same dematerialised. Notarised copy of Death Certificate, Transmission Form as per Annexure OB and the Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) have to be submitted by the surviving joint holder(s) along with the security certificates

Conversion of Mutual Fund Units

You can dematerialise the existing Mutual Fund units (represented by Statement of Accounts) in the same account if the names appearing on the Statement of Accounts match with the names in the demat account. You can reconvert Mutual Fund units held in demat account to Statement of Accounts.