Securities Services/ Custodian Services offered by StockHolding:

StockHolding pioneered custodial services in India in 1988 and presently is supported from 189 offices in India. StockHolding has been the largest Custodian, by Assets and transaction volumes for more than two decades. It presently holds USD 185 Billion of Assets under custody, thus making it the largest custodian in India (the second ranked custodian has AUC of about USD 110 Billion) with the deepest pool of expertise. StockHolding’s 600 man-years of Custodial expertise and its reach, experience ensures our commitment and dedication to delivering high quality solutions and services to our client’s advantage. This also reflects our robust Operational processes and procedures. StockHolding is the first custodian to offer services to Foreign Institutional Investors.

StockHolding is the first Custodian to offer Technology based solutions, since inception especially in the area of Custody & Clearing. Our Technology solutions are driven by an in-house development team that has deep exposure to capital markets and thus have the ability to customise solutions in the shortest time to our clients benefit. Presently we roll out Standard, Regulatory, and customized reports to our clients, thereby making us probably the most diverse in our abilities as well. Needless to say, we are the PREFERRED Custodian of the Large Institutional Investors in India.

Our innovative Services are designed to incorporate a high level of flexibility which enables us to customise as per client specific requirements.

StockHolding is the First Asian company to be bestowed with the prestigious Smithsonian Award for ‘Visionary use of IT’.

On Boarding / Registration Services

Safe Keeping

Securities Escrow Account

Trade Settlement

Income Collections

Corporate Actions


E-Voting Services


Proxy Voting Services

Risk Management

Client Services

Government Debt

Collateral Management

Valuation Services


Tax Co-ordination

Fund Accounting Services

Securities Lending & Borrowing

On Boarding / Registration Services : As a registered Designated Depository Participant (DDP) we issue Registration Certificate to Foreign Portfolio Investors.

Safe Keeping : Hold & protect your assets.

Securities Escrow Account : Service offerings for FDI and Private Equity investors.

Trade Settlement : Our Straight-through processing abilities helps speed up the processes with greatest ease and minimum time.

Income Collections : Prompt collection of income on portfolio holdings and reconciliation thereof.

Corporate Actions : Ensuring timely forecast of all corporate actions entitlements and benefits accruing on client’s holdings.

E-Voting services for registering your votes as per your instructions.

Proxy Voting – Countrywide reach in rendering proxy services as per your instructions.

Reporting : Providing Customised, timely & Comprehensive reports on portfolio holdings.

Client Services : Dedicated Relationship Managers as one point contact.

Updates : Periodic bulletin(s) on updates on Regulations (including taxation), Markets etc.

Collateral Management : Collateral Management services for various segments.

Risk Management : Aid your risk mitigation at every stage of the transaction’s life cycle with efficient risk-free mechanisms and monitoring positions on a continuous basis.

Derivatives : Leading Clearing Member on the Futures and Options segment for cash, currency and Interest Rate Futures (IRF).

Government Debt : Settlement of client’s transaction on NDS platform for RBI.

Fund Accounting Services : Fund Accounting solutions fully integrated with Custody.

Valuation Services : Assist clients through measurements of their financial performance, risk, credit quality, computation of Net Asset Value.

Securities Lending & Borrowing : Aiding clients to monetise their AUC through Lending Product .

Tax Co-ordination : For all foreign investors availing of custodian services, StockHolding co-ordinates with his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for all aspects pertaining to his taxation and submits the CPA details of all transactions done, obtaining tax certifications and payment of taxes before remittance of funds.

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